Are You Protected When Lightning Strikes?

Are You Protected When Lightning Strikes?

Our electricians in Concord or Kannapolis, NC can protect you from damaging surges

Lightning strikes can send destructive power surges through your home. When one strikes, will you be protected?

Biggs Electrical LLC offers electrical panel upgrades and surge protection in Concord & Kannapolis, North Carolina to protect your home and appliances from intense power surges. Our upgrades catch the surge before it enters the rest of your home.

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5 ways electrical surges damage your home and appliances

Biggs Electrical LLC has seen plenty of lighting and power surge damage, which is why we want to prevent it. Our electrical panel upgrades block power surges in Concord & Kannapolis, North Carolina, that can:

  • Destroy televisions and computers
  • Short out refrigerators and freezers
  • Knock out your air conditioning or heat
  • Start a fire in your home
  • Damage wiring, circuits and switches

Prepare for the unexpected.
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